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Form to request alterations to your email routing

To avoid confusion, it is strongly advised to change the 'email address' in the email programs of all computers that may be affected by this change.  For example, if you are requesting that email addressed to  ''  be delivered to  ''  instead of to  '',  then you should change the email address that your email program sends out to  "Name = Your business name"  and  "Email Address =".

If there is also a computer that is no longer handling email for  ''  then it too should have its email settings changed to something appropriate, such as the address given by the ISP.
  There are many guides on the Internet about how to change these settings for all popular email programs.  For example, use Google to search for "how to change my email address in Outlook Express".
 Substitute 'Outlook Express' for your own email program.

Your name
Contact Email address
Ensure you give an address that you can access
Domain name e.g:
Choose 'All' or 'Specific' addresses
Choosing 'All' will affect "" but can greatly increase spam.  Choosing one or a small number of specific addresses can vastly reduce spam, as all unspecified addresses will be discarded.
All addresses

Specific addresses
If you chose 'Specific Addresses' above, please list them in the box, one per line.  Otherwise leave blank.  e.g:  sales@;  help@;  buy@  etc..

The addresses 'hostmaster', 'webmaster' and 'admin' are reserved.
New destination email address  e.g:
Date required
Please use the format  (dd / mm / yyyy)  or  check the ASAP box to have the changes take effect at the next server reload.

Check this box for 'ASAP':  

Click the Submit button to send your request
or click the Reset button to clear the form


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